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VMware 5V0-42.21 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Identify th key components of the VMware SD-WAN in the SD-WAN architecture
  • Identify use cases when the Partner Gateway should be used
Topic 2
  • Given a scenario about managing a Gateway, identify the required configuaration that should be used
  • Identify the form factors for VMware SD-WAN in the SD-WAN architecture
Topic 3
  • Given a business policies requirement scenario, identify how to direct internet traffic
  • Identify Edge HA options and operations
Topic 4
  • Given a Gateway deployment scenario, identify the deployment steps
  • Identify how HIgh Availability is configured in VMware SD-WAN architecture
Topic 5
  • Given a customer scenario, identify which Partner Gateway redundancy should be chosen
  • VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud Architecture

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VMware SD-WAN Design and Deploy Skills Sample Questions (Q18-Q23):


Which port is used for communication between VMware SD-WAN Edge and Orchestrator if there are no tunnels established to the Gateways?

  • A. UDF 2426
  • B. UDP 500
  • C. TCP 443
  • D. TCP 80

Answer: A


During a VMware SD-WAN design session for a core business application, a customer expressed the following requirements:

* Allow business abstraction so that similar policies can be applied across different hardware types.

* Eliminate the need for the operations team to know the type of physical connectivity or the WAN carrier.

* Maintain SLA for real-time application.

Which design should be taken in terms of Link Steering?

  • A. Select Transport Group, and then select Preferred option.
  • B. Select Error Correct Before Steering with % definition
  • C. Select WAN Link, and then define the DSCP tagging
  • D. Deselect Error Correct before Steering Defaults.

Answer: C


Which statement is true about the VMware SD-WAN Gateway roles and assignments?

  • A. The SD-WAN Orchestrator assigns the Gateways to the Edge automatically when it comes up based Oil (lie location of the Edge Branch-to-branch will choose the right Gateway automatically
  • B. If the Primary Gateway goes down. Cloud internet traffic would failover to Secondary gateway automatically
  • C. The Primarily and Secondary Gateways share the load fur both internet traffic and VPN traffic
  • D. Primary Gateway cannot be used as Super gateway for Edge-to-Edge communication, even it all the Edges have a common Primary gateway

Answer: D


Which form factor can a customer use to deploy VMware SD WAN Edge?

  • A. Oracle Virtual Box
  • B. Hyper-V Virtual Machine
  • C. Open Virtualization Appliance
  • D. Docker Container

Answer: C


Which role(s) must be enable under Gateway configuration page to allow a VMware SD-WAN Gateway to build IPsec tunnels to non-VM SD-WAN?

  • A. Control Plane + Data Plane + Partner Gateway
  • B. Control Plane + Data Plane + SecureVPN Gateway
  • C. Control Plane
  • D. Control Plane + Secure VPN Gateway

Answer: A



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