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Certification Path

Salesforce Platform Developer I, Superbadge Apex Specialist, Superbadge Data Integration Specialist, Superbadge Aura Components Specialist and Superbadge Advance Apex Specialist Certification can act as a prerequisite for this exam.

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These are following steps for registering the PDII Exam.Step 1: Visit to Webassessor Exam RegistrationStep 2: Signup/Login to WebassessorStep 3: Select the onsite proctored or online proctored delivery method of Certification ExamStep 4: Select Date, time and confirm with a payment method

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How much PDII Exam Cost

The price of the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (PDII) Exam is $200 USD.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (PDII) Sample Questions (Q68-Q73):


Which object can a developer use to programmatically determine who is following a specific User record in Chatter?

  • A. EntitySubscription
  • B. FollowSubscription
  • C. FollowHistory
  • D. Entityfiistory

Answer: A


A company notices that their unit tests in a test class with many methods to create many records for prerequisite reference data are slow. What can a developer to do address the issue?

  • A. Move the prerequisite reference data setup to a @testSetup method in the test class.
  • B. Move the prerequisite reference data setup to a TestDataFactory and call that from each test method.
  • C. Move the prerequisite reference data setup to the constructor for the test class.
  • D. Move the prerequisite reference data setup to a static method in the test class and call that from each test method.

Answer: B


A developer has a page with two extensions overriding the Standard controller for Case.

<apex:page standardController="Case" extension="CaseExtensionOne,CaseExtension Two" showHeader="false"> Each extension has a method called Save. The page has a command button as defined: <apex:commandButton value="Save" action="{!save}"/> What will happen when a user clicks the command button?

  • A. Save from CaseExtensionOne will be executed
  • B. All of the three Save methods will be executed
  • C. Save from Case Standard Controller will be executed
  • D. Save from CaseExtensionTwo will be executed

Answer: A


What is the potential exception that can be thrown from this SOQL query: Account a = [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Contacts) FROM Account] Choose 2 answers

  • A. NullPointerException if no records are returned.
  • B. QueryException if no records are returned.
  • C. QueryException if more than one record is returned.
  • D. TypeException if a Contact is returned as part of the query.

Answer: B,C


In an organization that has multi-currency enabled, a developer is tasked with building a Lighting Component that displays the top ten Opportunities most recently access by the logged in user. The developer must ensure the Amount and LastModifiedDate field values are displayed according to the user's locale.

What is the most effective approach to ensure values displayed respect the users locale settings?

  • A. Use the FOR VIEW clause in the SOQL Query.
  • B. Use REGEX expressions to format the values retrieved via SOQL.
  • C. Use the FORMAT() function in the SOQL query.
  • D. Use a wrapper class to format the values retrieved via SOQL.

Answer: A



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