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Certification Topics of the Adobe AD0-E704: Adobe Certified Master Magento Commerce Architect Exam

Adobe AD0-E704: Adobe Certified Master Magento Commerce Architect consist of following topics:

  1. Section 1: Magento Architecture (6%)
  2. Section 2: Magento UI (7%)
  3. Section 3: Working with Databases (14%)
  4. Section 4: Using the Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) Model (10%)
  5. Section 5: Developing with Adminhtml (5%)
  6. Section 6: Customizing the Catalog (23%)
  7. Section 7: Customizing the Checkout Process (17%)
  8. Section 8: Magento Commerce Features (13%)
  9. Section 9: Understanding Magento Security (5%)

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Adobe Certified Master Magento Commerce Architect Sample Questions (Q44-Q49):


A merchant is asking you to organize a catalog of 9000 rings which come in six sizes, each with unique inventory. Additionally, the customers will have 1000 unique engravings to choose from for their ring. The engraving is made on the selected ring just before the order is shipped.

How do you organize such a catalog to achieve optimal store performance and ease of management?

  • A. 9000 simple products with 6 values for size custom option and 1000 values for an engraving custom option
  • B. 9000 configurable products which have 6x1000 variants each
  • C. 9000x6 simple products with 1000 values for engraving custom option
  • D. 9000 configurable products which have 6 variants each with 1000 values for an engraving custom option

Answer: A


A client uses an external PIM for managing product information. They want to run a cron job every minute to update and create products. The site is using the "Update by schedule" index mode and the full page cache is enabled.

What is required to make these updates visible on the frontend?

  • A. The indxer_update_all_views cron will reindex the products, however the full page cache will need to be manually flushed
  • B. The cron job will also need to run a reindex and flush full page cache on each run for updates to be reflected on the front end of the website
  • C. The indexer_update_all_views cron will reindex the products and clean the entire full page cache
  • D. The indexer_update_all_views cron will reindex the products and clean only the necessary entries from cache

Answer: B


The merchant asked you to implement an order review step on the checkout after the payment step. Which problem do you need to resolve?

  • A. There is no WebAPI endpoint for saving payment data without placing an order
  • B. Magento does not allow to add a step after the payment step
  • C. The "Place order" button belongs to a payment method template so you have to customize all payment methods
  • D. There is no WebAPI class for placing an order without saving a payment data

Answer: B


You have a task to modify the grand total on the checkout page with a negative price adjustment which depends on the shipping address postcode. What are two approaches to be used in this case?

  • A. Create an observer on the event sales_quote_collect_totals_after, get the quote object, check the postcode and set the modified grand total into it
  • B. Create a new shopping cart price rule with a condition based on the shipping address postcode
  • C. Create a JavaScript mixin for the Magento_Checkout/ js /view /summary/,subtotal, change total there and Magento will submit the modified total when placing an order
  • D. Create a new total collector which adds a negative price adjustment based on the postcode

Answer: B,D


In a phtml, you added script tag and defined couple of js variables as below:Now to protect it from XSS attacks, which two methods allow you to keep the php variable output XSS-safe?Choose 2

  • A. $block->escapeHtmlAttr($myName)
  • B. $block->escapeHtmlAttr($myUrl)
  • C. $block->escapeUrl($myUrl)
  • D. $block->escapeJs($myName)

Answer: C,D



AD0-E704 Valid Test Test:

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