One of the biggest highlights of the Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms prep torrent is the availability of three versions: PDF, app/online, and software/pc, each with its own advantages: The PDF version of 300-910 exam torrent has a free demo available for download. You can print exam materials out and read it just like you read a paper. The online version of 300-910 test guide is based on web browser usage design and can be used by any browser device. At the same time, the first time it is opened on the Internet, it can be used offline next time. You can practice anytime, anywhere. The Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms software supports the MS operating system and can simulate the real test environment. The contents of the three versions are the same. Each of them neither limits the number of devices used or the number of users at the same time. You can choose according to your needs.

Certification Path and Cisco 300-910 Requirements

Considering that you have decided to pursue the exam, the next step is to assess whether your experience is enough to fulfill your intentions. Before we go into that, let’s discuss the corresponding accreditations of Cisco 300-910. Along with Cisco 350-901, this test unravels the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification. But if you only opt to pass 300-910, then you’ll only acquire the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – DevOps certificate.

Either way, though there are no specific prerequisites, it’s important that you already have a foundational knowledge of the DevOps solutions and a prior understanding of software development. Ideally, it is recommended to have 3 to 5 years of working experience in Python programming. Also, make sure that you check out the topics beforehand so you’ll have a cue of the areas that fit your background.

What Are the Most Effective Materials for the Exam?

Getting ready for the Cisco 300-910 test may be exciting, but the process itself is completely challenging. Henceforth, you need to gather the right set of resources to provide you with relevant information and useful tips. To help you out, below are the most reliable and accessible materials that you can find online.

  • The Kubernetes Book by Nigel Poulton

    One of the exam’s main subject matters is Kubernetes. And if you think your knowledge of this famous open-source system is inadequate, you can get help from this book. Furnish your mind with the most up-to-date Kubernetes versions together with the latest advancements within the cloud-native ecosystem. With the detailed chapters, you acquire skills in deploying and administering containerized apps at scale. The lessons also unlock the underlying infrastructure so you can conveniently deploy apps on different platforms.

    And of course, most of the key terminologies involved in Cisco 300-910 are expounded here. Know and materialize the meanings of ‘microservices’, ‘containerized’, and more. Completing the contents further provides you with expertise in building Kubernetes according to your preference, setting up apps for your chosen cloud platform, and migrating to different environments. Likewise, there are at least two chapters that highlight more on the threat-modeling Kubernetes for you to effectively secure such via industry and realistic standards.

  • Mastering Python Networking by Eric Chou

    Along with your knowledge of Kubernetes, it also pays off if you are well-rounded with the ins and outs of the Python language. If not, don’t waste your time and start reading this highly-rated book from Amazon. Through this material, you get to bone up the art of creating Python scripts for a diverse range of tasks. More so, the contents are centralized in the key features of Python programming so you can use this language to control not just Cisco network devices but other tools as well.

    With the extensive coverage, you get to leverage your understanding of APIs as well as DevOps, network device automation, and software-defined networking. So, if you want to expand your reach as a network engineer or programmer, this book puts into the spotlight everything you need to know about Python, which is relevant to your Cisco 300-910 undertaking.

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An Important Takeaway for Interested Exam Candidates

As mentioned on the official site, there will be an incoming training course designed for Cisco 300-910. Therefore, if you won’t be taking your exam anytime soon, don’t forget to check the site for the new training material. Just like other Cisco certification courses, this will definitely pump up your learning and impart you with necessary facts and even tips about the tested topics. So, be sure not to miss it upon its release.

Cisco Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms Sample Questions (Q53-Q58):


Which interface is most commonly used to integrate logging, monitoring, and alerting applications into your CI/ CD pipeline?

  • A. REST
  • B. SNMP
  • C. AMQP
  • D. SSH

Answer: D


Section: Logging, Monitoring, and Metrics



Microservices architecture pattern has been applied and the system has been architected as a set of services.

Each service is deployed as a set of instances for throughput and availability. In which two ways are these services packaged and deployed? (Choose two.)

  • A. Service instances must be isolated from one another.
  • B. Service instances do not need to be isolated from one another.
  • C. Service must be dependent, deployable, and scalable.
  • D. Service are written using the same languages, frameworks, and framework versions.
  • E. Service must be independently deployable and scalable.

Answer: A,E


Refer to the exhibit.

An application for data storing and processing has been created. The application is time-sensitive and manages confidential data AppDynamics identifies error transactions within a distributed application.

Which action will help resolve the errors?

  • A. Scale out the node horizontally
  • B. Log in to the node directly and investigate the errors by reviewing log files
  • C. Drill down to investigate and identify the errors
  • D. Rewrite the SQL query identified in the transaction to be more efficient

Answer: B




Drag and drop the operations from the left into the correct order on the right when using CI/CD, assuming that there are no failures or conflicts.




developer commits

unit testing

integration testing

merging of commit into mainline

generating deliverables

starting of rolling deployment


An application for storing and categorizing has been developed. The application uses dual-factor authentication for user access. After authentication, users can upload sensitive data. The application has been hacked through system exploits and most of the saved data has been lost.

Which action prevents new security threats in the environment?

  • A. Actively change the ISP provider
  • B. Use self-developed algorithms for encryption
  • C. Apply all the latest patches and updates
  • D. Install virtual firewalls

Answer: C



300-910 Accurate Answers: