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Skills Tested in Cisco DEVCOR 350-901

The candidates who take such an exam should be ready to demonstrate that they have the following skills:

  • Constructing API requests with the help of Webex Teams API or by using Firepower device management.
  • Diagnosing a failure in CI/CD pipeline as well as identifying the right storage approach which is relevant to a specific scenario.
  • Evaluating diverse application design features by considering different parameters such as scalability, modularity, rate limiting, high-availability, or resiliency.
  • Implementing and constructing different apps as well as identifying effective methods such as HTTP cache controls to optimize APIs.
  • Utilizing RESTCONF for network device configuration and demonstrating knowledge in configuring network parameters.

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Cisco 350-901 Exam Certification Details:

Exam Code350-901 DEVCOR
Number of Questions90-110
Passing ScoreVariable (750-850 / 1000 Approx.)
Exam NameDeveloping Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs
Exam RegistrationPEARSON VUE

Cisco Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR) Sample Questions (Q236-Q241):


Refer to the exhibit above and click on the tab in the top left corner to view a diagram that describes the typical flow of requests involved when a webhook is created for a booking service. Drag and drop the requests from the left onto the item numbers on the right that match the missing sections in the sequence diagram to design the complete flow of requests involved as a booking is updated from a web application.




Refer to the exhibit.

Drag and drop the parts of the Python code from the left onto the item numbers on the right that match the missing sections in the exhibit that consumes REST API pagination.




Refer to the exhibit.

A developer created the code, but it fails to execute. Which code snippet helps to identify the issue?

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option C
  • C. Option B
  • D. Option D

Answer: B



Refer to the exhibit. The Python script is supposed to make an API call to Cisco DNA Center querying a wireless profile for the "ChicagoCampus" and then parsing out its enable FlexConnect value. Drag and drop the parts of the Python code from the left onto the item numbers on the right that match the missing sections in the exhibit.

Select and Place:



Section: Using APIs


A web application is susceptible to cross-site scripting. Which two methods allow this issue to be mitigated? (Choose two.)

  • A. Remove all HTML/XML tags from user input.
  • B. Use AES encryption to secure the script.
  • C. Limit user input to acceptable characters.
  • D. Encrypt user input on the client side.
  • E. Use only drop downs.

Answer: B,C



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