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Oracle 1z0-1045-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Describe the System Directed Quality Control (QC)
  • Miscellaneous Inventory Management Transactions
Topic 2
  • Create an item in Item Master and integrate it with WMS
  • Set up Sequence Counters, Barcode types, and Printers
Topic 3
  • Describe Wave templates, and execute Waves
  • Set up a System Integration Framework
Topic 4
  • Redesigned Web Reports - Web Reports Gen 2
  • Create Locations in Location Master
Topic 5
  • Oracle Warehouse Management Business Intelligence Cloud (WMS BI Cloud)
  • Describe SCM Cloud Integrator (OIC)
Topic 6
  • erform a receipt by ASN, with and without the RF and ASN verification
  • Describe the Parent-Child Company hierarchy
Topic 7
  • Configure and execute Replenishment
  • Create and check-in Appointments

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Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2022 Implementation Professional Sample Questions (Q13-Q18):


You are monitoring the progress of the picking wave and notice that a rush order needs to be picked immediately.

Which two steps should you take to complete the Picking Tasks as soon as possible? (Choose two.)

  • A. Select the tasks in the Tasks UI, and confirm the pick in the UI.
  • B. Select the tasks in the Tasks UI, select Cancel Task, and re-run the wave.
  • C. Select the tasks in the Tasks UI, select Assign user, and let the picker know that he/she is to select the
  • D. Select the tasks and in the Tasks UI, select Change Task Priority to give the task a higher priority.
  • E. Manually take the inventory from the location to the shipping area.

Answer: C,D


tasks for immediate pick.


Select two configurations required to fulfill a Cross Dock order. (Choose two.)

  • A. Wave template should be configured to allocate Cross Dock Order
  • B. The Cross Dock Outbound Order type should be defined
  • C. The Replenishment template is required to replenish Cross Dock Order
  • D. IB Shipment Type should be defined for Cross Dock ASN
  • E. Module Parameter should be enabled on the RF Receive Screen for receiving Cross Dock ASN

Answer: B,E


Which two options are true if inventory is unallocated and unavailable? (Choose two.)

  • A. Inventory located in a drop zone
  • B. Unlocked inventory located in reserve location
  • C. Inventory located in active location
  • D. Inventory in locations with lock codes

Answer: A,D


As an Inventory Super User, you are configuring LPNs per tier and Tiers per Pallet fields at Item Details screen.

Which statement is true about LPNs per tier and Tiers per Pallet?

  • A. LPNs per tier and Tier per Pallet are used to define the standard number of LPNs acceptable per pallet during receiving.
  • B. LPNs per tier and Tiers per Pallet are used to define number of IB LPN per tier during receiving.
  • C. LPNs per tier and Tiers per Pallet are used to define number of Ob LPN per tier during shipping.
  • D. LPNs per tier and Tiers per pallet are used to define the standard number of case and pack for an Item during receiving.

Answer: A


The above diagram shows a typical Third Party Logistics (3PL) structure.

Identify the Facility, Company, and User levels, as applicable, in sequential order (that is, the proper label for box 1 is listed 1st in sequence).

  • A. 1=Facility 1, 2=Company 1, 3=Company 2, 4=Super User 1, 5=Facility 2, 6=Facility 3, 7=Facility 4
  • B. 1=Super User, 2=Parent 3PL, 3=Company 1, 4=Facility 1, 5-Facility 2, 6=Facility 3, 7=Facility 4
  • C. 1=Parent 3PL, 2=Facility 1,3=Facility 2, 4=Company 1, 5=Company 2, 6=Company 3, 7=Company 1
  • D. 1=Company 1, 2=Parent 3PL, 3=Company 2, 4=Facility 1, 5=Facility 2, 6=Facility 3, 7=Facility 4

Answer: D



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