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Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Exam topics

Candidates must know the exam topics before they start of preparation. Because it will really help them in hitting the core. Our Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant exam dumps will include the following topics:

1. Discovery: 15%

  • Provided with a list of branding and creative strategies, probe for additional information that is needed to recommend an appropriate solution.
  • Given a scenario that includes customer information about subscriber acquisition, management, and attrition,utilize this information to select solution components.
  • Provided with a set of business requirements, determine what additional information is needed to design the recommended solution.

2. Conceptual Design: 12%

  • Explain the purpose of IP Warming and make a recommendation based on customer needs.
  • Given a customer scenario, determine the factors to consider when scaling the solution.
  • Given a narrative data flow, select the correct data flow diagram that depicts that data flow.
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate solution for given requirements considering technical expertise of personas (for example; Automation Studio vs. Journey Builder).
  • Analyze customer data to determine the appropriate data model (for example; List model, Data Extensions .
  • Articulate how data construct will drive one-to-one messaging and content.

3. Marketing Cloud Connect: 6%

  • Understand how Sales/Service Cloud data in the Marketing Cloud can be segmented.
  • Understand the prerequisites to consider prior to starting a Marketing Cloud Connect configuration (for - example; Salesforce edition, list of integration users, scope user, administrator credentials).
  • Understand how to send an email to a contact, lead, campaign, and report via the Sales/Service Cloud and - Marketing Cloud (for example; sending, triggered, automated).

4. Account Configuration: 10%

  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot issues regarding Reply Mail Management.
  • Given a customer scenario, recommend the appropriate Marketing Cloud role based on User Stories.
  • Determine which type of customer scenario warrants the creation of a business unit (for example; publication - types, demographic, workflow processes, and organizational structure).
  • Analyze the impact of applying a Sender Authentication Package (SAP) to a business unit (for example; link wrapping, Landing Pages, image URLs).

5. Reporting: 5%

  • Summarize Send Logs, including when/why to use it and how to create and manage.
  • Explain how the information in data views and tracking extracts are accessed.
  • Compare and contrast standard reports, data views, and tracking extracts.

6. Data Design: 12%

  • Understand available data types, retention, and template options when building a data extension.
  • Understand the implications of a system being database of record.
  • Explain the various data objects in the Marketing Cloud (for example; data extensions, list model, data retention model, publication lists, suppression lists).
  • Understand how data is retrieved within a Relational Data Model (for example; basic SQL).
  • Given a customer scenario, recommend the appropriate import method with lists or data extensions.

7. Automation: 8%

  • Given a customer scenario, select the appropriate workflow that meets the business requirement (for example; import, segmentation, email send).
  • Compare and contrast triggered and scheduled interactions.

8. Email Build: 7%

  • Understand the required steps to build, test, and deploy an email based on customer requirements.
  • Explain the various ways to individualize email content (for example; AMPscript, personalization strings, Dynamic Content, Guide Template Language).
  • Compare and contrast the ways to individualize content, such as SSJS vs. AMPscript, Dynamic Content Wizard vs. AMPscript/LookupRows function.
  • Explain various Marketing Cloud Email technologies (for example; Link Alias tags, Impression regions, Web Analytics Connector).

9. Contact Builder: 15%

  • Explain the role and capabilities within Contact Builder.
  • Given a customer scenario, know how to build an Attribute Group to be used for a simple interaction.
  • Summarize how to use Data Designer to incorporate data source into Contact Builder.
  • Understand how cardinality impacts data modeling.

10. Journey Builder: 10%

  • Explain the requirements for and the methods by which a contact can enter a Journey.
  • Compare and contrast automation tools, such as Journey Builder and Automation Studio.
  • Given a customer scenario that includes Journey Builder, evaluate the requirements, activities, and steps.

How to study the Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Exam

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Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Sample Questions (Q87-Q92):


A financial company wans to use Marketing Cloud to send late payment notices to accounts whose payment due date lapsed the previous week. The company has shared the following:

*Payment.csv will arrive on the Enhanced SFTP each Monday at 1 a.m.

*Payments.csv will be encrypted.

*Payments.csv will contain data from the previous week.

*Late payment notices will be sent each Monday at noon.

*They need to receive a file containing customers who opened or clicked on the late payment notice email within five days after send.

Which automation sequence represents a viable solution?

  • A. File Transfer > Import File > Filter > Wait > Send Email > Wait > SQL Query > Data Extract > File Transfer
  • B. Import File > File Transfer > SQL Query > Wait > Send Email > Wait > SQL Query > Data Extract > File Transfer
  • C. File Transfer > File Transfer > Import File > SQL Query > Wait > Send Email > SQL Query > File Transfer
  • D. File Transfer > Import File > Filter > Wait > Send Email > SQL Query > Wait > Data Extract > File Transfer

Answer: B


A customer team wants to retarget subscribers who click on links of key items promoted across email campaigns. Click activity will be cross-referenced with subscribers' regional markets on a master subscriber data extension.

What skill set should the customer team have for this solution to be viable?

  • A. SQL
  • B. SSJS
  • C. HTML
  • D. AMPscript

Answer: B


Northern Tril Outfitters wants to connect relational data into their Journey without overloading the entry data.

How should they connect the data?

  • A. Contact Configuration
  • B. Data Relationships
  • C. Entry Source Data Extension
  • D. Data Designer

Answer: D


A customer wants to send a quarterly reengagement email to subscribers who have NOT opened in the previous three months. The customer's plans are to:

*Use an existing Paste HTML email for the first send.

*Make only minor changes to the email creative for future sends.

*Send to the subscriber list.

*Deploy emails manually for now, but possibly automate in the future.

Which send method should be used?

  • A. Send Email Activity
  • B. Triggered Send
  • C. Send Flow Activity
  • D. Guided Send

Answer: C


A university plans to use Journey Builder to improve their 1:1 marketing to potential students, current students, and alumni. The university currently has student data in Sales Cloud. Other data, such as course catalog,

student demographics, and alumni information, is stored in external systems.

Which two actions should be consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Create an Import Activity to import alumni data into Salesforce Report.
  • B. Create list attribute to store student data from Sales Cloud.
  • C. Use Data Designer to link student and alumni data to the contact record.
  • D. Use Synchronized Data Sources to obtain data from Sales Cloud.

Answer: C,D



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